Netc supports ALL label types including LTO, SDLT, DLT, 9840, 3592, AIT, SAIT, 8MM, 4MM, 9940, 3480, 3570, DTF, MO, Rack, etc.


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Safety Netc Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery Planning? The Safety Netc Disaster Recovery Solution is a key component for any comprehensive disaster recovery plan. The Netc Label System, Netc Blank Label Stock , Netc eXpress Label Service, Netc eXpress Tape Cartridge Service, and the Netc Worldwide Network of service centers and resellers ensure you have the media labels and storage products and services you want, wherever you want them, and when you need them the most. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem. Buy the Netc Label System now and join the Safety Netc disaster recovery program today!

1. Netc Label System

The Netc Label System is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for creating and printing the quality media barcode labels you want, whenever you want them!

The Netc Label System is comprised of our powerful Netc labeling software and high-quality Netc blank label stock. Simply choose the software version (Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition) that best fits your needs. The Enterprise Edition is designed for businesses requiring 3480-type labels, 3592 labels or several types of media labels. The Standard Edition is tailored for businesses requiring only one or two types of media labels.

Netc label software provides numerous powerful features (e.g., predefined label templates, predefined label jobs, predefined color palettes, etc.) for making your own media labels, whenever and wherever you need them. Our Netc Online Label Reference Guide provides the very latest information for how to use your Netc Label System most effectively, including a complete list of supported label types and settings.

2. Netc Blank Label Stock

All Netc software is carefully designed to work precisely with our high-quality Netc blank label stock. Precision die-cut labels, superior adhesive and a tough, archival quality substrate make Netc blank label stock the price-performance leader.

3. Netc eXpress Label Service

Printing your own media barcode labels not for you? Let Netc print them for you with our Netc eXpress Label Service. Under a tight deadline? Need your label order processed quickly? Netc provides a 24-hour turnaround time on orders received before 1:00 PM eastern time. If you are really in a bind, call us at +1-203-372-6382. Netc and our worldwide network of service centers and resellers are committed to providing the superior quality and speedy service that customers deserve and expect from Netc.

4. Netc eXpress Tape Cartridge Service

In addition to the Netc eXpress Label service, Netc now offers custom labeled tape cartridges at extremely competitive prices — and with the fastest turnaround in the business. Netc is your one-stop place for all your tape media needs — the labels and the tape cartridges you want, when you want them.

5. Netc Worldwide Network

Netc has the world covered to provide rapid response to your storage, media, and media barcode label requirements wherever you are. For an authorized Netc Service Center and/or Reseller near you, please contact Netc, L.L.C. United States - Corporate Headquarters.